Nano-Tec iridium coated silicon wafer and microscope slide
iridium coated Silicon wafer and glass microscope slide

Nano-Tec platinum coated silicon and glass substrate
Nano-Tec platinum coated microscope slide, 75x25x1 mm, 100nm

The iridium coated substrates are available as a Ø 4”/100mm silicon wafer and as a glass microscope slide, coated with 100nm pure Iridium (99.9%). Iridium is often used as a protective coating in extreme conditions due to its resistance to corrosion and it exhibits the highest resistance to corrosion in molten oxides amongst metals. It exhibits a high melting point, low oxygen permeability, high chemical stability and superior oxidation resistance. Iridium is also a promising candidate for hydrogen production. Other applications include nanotechnology and thin film research. An adhesion layer of titanium is used between the substrate and the Ir coating. Both the Ti and Ir coatings are deposited in a dedicated high vacuum deposition system using an electron beam source. The iridium coating is not atomically flat; there are height differences in the nm range. For protection, the wafers are packed in wafer carrying trays and the slides are packed in slide mailers.

Specifications of the Nano-Tec titanium nitride coated silicon wafer and microscope slide:

Iridium coating

100 nm Ir (99.9% purity)

Titanium adhesion film

5 nm Ti (99.99% purity)

Surface roughness

Several nm


Silicon wafer

Microscope slide


Ø 4” / 100 mm

75x25 mm


525 µm (+/- 20 µm


Material type

P (Boron) -  <100> - 1-30 Ohm/cm

Borofloat 33 – borosilicate glass

Ordering information for Nano-Tec iridium coated silicon wafer and microscope slide

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Nano-Tec iridium coated silicon wafer, Ø4inch / 100mm, 525µm thickness, 100nm Ir Nano-Tec iridium coated silicon wafer, Ø4inch / 100mm, 525µm thickness, 100nm Ir
Product # Unit Price* Add to Quote / Order
10-IR8142-3 pkg/3 €1175,00


Nano-Tec iridium coated microscope slide, 75x25x1 mm, 100nm Ir Nano-Tec iridium coated microscope slide, 75x25x1 mm, 100nm Ir
Product # Unit Price* Add to Quote / Order
10-IR8633-10 pkg/10 €1525,00


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