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Nano-Tec gold coated silicon wafers

Nano-Tec gold coated silicon wafers

The Nano-Tec gold coated silicon wafers are useful for thin film research, AFM / SPM, nanotechnology and biotechnology applications. The silicon wafers are coated with 50nm of pure gold over a 5nm adhesion layer of Cr. Both Cr and Au are deposited in a dedicated high vacuum deposition system with electron beam evaporation sources. The gold coating is not atomically flat; there are height differences in the nm range. The maximum use temperature is around 175°C; higher temperatures could result in delamination of the gold film. Available in two sizes: Ø2”/51mm and Ø4”/100mm. The Nano-Tec gold coated wafers are individually packed in wafer carrier trays for protection.

Specifications of the Nano-Tec  gold coated Ø2”/51mm silicon wafers:

Coating film : 50nm gold, 99.999% purity
Adhesion film  : 5nm Chromium, 99.98% purity
Surface roughness : several nm
Si substrate Orientation : <100>
             Type   : P (Boron) with one primary flat
             Resisantance : 1-30 Ohm/cm
             Diameter : Ø51mm Ø100mm
            Thickness : 275µm (+/- 20µm) 525µm (+/- 20µm)
             TTV  : =< 20µm =< 20µm
             Primary Flat : 15.9 +/- 1.65mm 32.5 +/- 2.5mm

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Nano-Tec gold coated silicon wafer, Ø2inch/51mm, 275µm thickness, 50nm Au Nano-Tec gold coated silicon wafer, Ø2inch/51mm, 275µm thickness, 50nm Au

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10-AU8120 each €89,50

Nano-Tec gold coated silicon wafer, Ø2inch/51mm, 275µm thickness, 50nm Au Nano-Tec gold coated silicon wafer, Ø4inch/100mm, 525µm thickness, 50nm Au

Product # Unit Price* Add to Quote / Cart
10-AU8140 each €195,50

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