UranyLess TEM staining alternative for Uranyl Acetate
fast-acting, non-radioactive lanthanide staining mix

Unranyless introduction


UranyLess is an efficient, ready to use staining substitute for uranyl acetate delivering similar results. With Uranyless there is an real alternative  to uranyl acetate, without the problems with restrictions, toxicity and waste elimination procedures associated with uranyl acetate.

      UranyLess applied
      Staining protocol:
  1. Place a droplet of UranyLess on parafilm or a hydrophobic slide
  2. Place the TEM grid on the UranyLess droplet for 1-2 minutes
  3. Blot the grid with filter paper
  4. Then wash the grid in distilled water
  5. Let the grid with sample dry

UranyLess is a proprietary mix of multiple lanthanides with a great affinity for biological material and comes as a ready to use aqueous solution. It has been tested on many biological tissue, both animal and plant. The UranyLess staining solution is ideal for ultra-fine sections and negative staining.  UranyLess is an efficient, non-radioactive lanthanide staining mix. After only one minute of contact, the sections or deposits are stained to provide contrast for subsequent TEM imaging. If needed, lead citrate is recommended to enhance contrast; classic staining protocol after Reynolds (1963).

UranyLess is supplied in an Airless bottle with a content of 30ml. The Airless bottle is filled without air and delivers droplets of the solution through a push-pump system. This eliminates CO2 contamination. With 30ml you can stain approximately 1500 TEM grids. The UranyLess solution in the Airless bottle has a shelf life of 12 months after opening, eliminates CO2 contaminations and avoids waste by delivery in droplets. The pH level of UranyLess is 6.8 to 7. Alternative packaging size is 200ml for the Leica EM Stain automatic stainer

Lead citrate. Although UranyLess has a strong contasting effect, it is recommended to use lead citrate to enhance the contrast following the classic staining protocol according to Reynolds. We offer a ready to use 3% lead citrate solution in an Airless bottle which is filled w/o air and delivers the lead citrate droplets through a push-pump system thus eliminating CO2 contamination.

Videos: (In French, but easy to follow without any knowledge of French)
Classic staining protocol of thin section with UranyLess  Staining with UranyLess and contrast enhancement with lead citrate

Technical Support Bulletin: UranyLess staining protocols

Ordering information for UranyLess and Lead Citrate

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UranyLess, uranium-free, aqueous staining solution, 30ml Airless bottle UranyLess, uranium-free, aqueous staining solution, 30ml Airless bottle
Product # Unit Price* Add to Quote / Order
29-005030 each €38,00

Hazardous Symbol Explanation

hazard fee symbol = Hazard Shipping Fee
Cg = Suspected Carcinogen
F = Flammable
I = Irritant
S = Sensitizer
T = Toxic
Extra info 29-005030 :   SDS pdf download


UranyLess, uranium-free, aqueous staining solution for Leica EM stain, 200ml bottle UranyLess, uranium-free, aqueous staining solution for Leica EM stain, 200ml bottle
Product # Unit Price* Add to Quote / Order
29-005035 each €172,00


Lead Citrate 3%, contrast enhancement solution, 30ml Airless bottle Lead Citrate 3%, contrast enhancement solution, 30ml Airless bottle
Product # Unit Price* Add to Quote / Order
29-005040 each €38,00

Hazardous Symbol Explanation

hazard fee symbol = Hazard Shipping Fee
Cg = Suspected Carcinogen
F = Flammable
I = Irritant
S = Sensitizer
T = Toxic
Extra info 29-005040 :   SDS pdf download


FAQ – Frequently asked questions about UranyLess

Q: What is Uranyless made from?
A Uranyless is a mix of lanthanides in an aqueous solution eample of classic staining with UranlyLess

Q: What is the shelf life of UranyLess?
A: Unlimited; with a 30ml bottle it should cover a year of average use

Q: What are the storage conditions for UranyLess?
A: Store at room temperature; it is not light sensitive

Q: How can Uranyless be used?
A: It is ready for use; no dilution needed – see Technical Support Bulletin

Q: What is the pH of UranyLess?
A: It is 6.8-7, different to uranyl acetate which has a pH of 4

Q: How to stain with UranyLess?
A: Place your grid on a droplet of UranyLess, wait a minute. Dry and then contrast with lead citrate according the Reynolds protocol.

Q: Is it the same protocol for different  kind of tissue?
A: Yes, it is the same for animal, plant, marine tissue; UtanyLess and contrast enhancement with lead citrate

Q: Is it compatible with different type of resins?
A: Yes, it works with different embedding resins (Epon, Spurr, Araldite….)

Q: Can UranyLess be used for negative staining?
A: Yes, see Technical Support Bulletin

Q: Can it be used for block staining?
A: Test are in progress

Q: Can UranyLess be used at cryo applications?example of staining
A: No; it is an aquous solution which will freeze. Current developments are other Uranyless solution in alcohol and acetone.

Q: Can UranyLess be used on the Leica EM Stain?
A: Yes, the 200ml packaging is compatible with the Leica EM Stain

Q: How do dispose of UranyLess waste?
A: UranyLess contains lanthanides (heavy elements) and need to be disposed according to rules for heavy elements.

Q: How is UranyLess packaged?
A: Standard packaging is a 30ml Airless bottle to avoid CO2 contamination, alternatively it is available in a 200ml square glass bottle

Q: How does the Airless bottle operate?
A: It is a bottle which doesn’t let air in (eliminates CO2 contamination). Simply press the top of the bottle to get a drop delivered. When you release the pump actuator lifts the head up.

Q: What are the advantages of the Airless bottle?
A: It doesn’t let air in to eliminate CO2 contamination. It delivers drop by drop, ready to use and it reduces waste.  With the Airless bottle, the product has a longer shelf life.

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