SEM sample stubs overview

SEM Sample Stubs

The SEM samples stubs are compatible with the respective brands of SEM for which they have been designed. We offer SEM sample stubs for all leading brands of SEMs. Each of the type of SEM sample stubs has a wide selection of platform size to accommodate different sample sizes and is available with 45°, 45/90° and even double 90° pre-tilt, there are four major types of SEM sample stubs:

  • Standard pin stubs with 3.15mm diameter and 8mm pin length for TFS, FEI, Philips, Tescan, Phenom, AmRay, Cambridge Instruments, Leica, CamScan, Aspex, RJLee, Etec and Novascan SEMs. Some special pin stubs might come with a 9.5mm pin length.
  • Short pin Zeiss stubs with 3.15mm diameter and 6mm length for Zeiss and LEO SEMs
  • JEOL cylinder stubs for JEOL SEMs
  • Hitachi M4 cylinder stubs with an M4 threaded hole in the base

Dish Type SEM sample stubs for working in Solutions or fluids

To prepare solution or fluids directly on the SEM stub there are dish type SEM sample stubs.

Less Common Brands or on Special SEM Stages

There is also a selection of specialty SEM sample stubs which are used in less common brands or on special SEM stages. Examples are:

SEM sample stub adapters for use across different SEM platforms
If you wish to use one type of SEM sample stub across different SEM platforms, you have to use an SEM sample stub adapter. Our large selection of SEM stub adapters can be found on this page:

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