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EM-Tec VS26 compact dual action spring-loaded SEM sample vise

Order products #12-000222 and #12-000322

          EM-Tec V22 compact vise type sample holder


The EM-Tec VS26 dual action spring-loaded vise clamp includes two removable push rods and four dowel pins which fit into the top of the jaws. The maximum clamping capacity between the vise jaws is 26mm. Available with either the standard 3.2mm pin or an M4 threaded hole for mounting on the SEM sample stage.


Consider wearing gloves to avoid contamination.

  • To open the EM-Tec compact dual action spring-loaded vise clamp, insert the two push rods on both sides through the small holes on the sides.
  • Pushing on both push rods opens the jaws.
  • Place the sample between the vise jaws and gently release the push rods.
  • The tension on the 4 springs will hold the sample between the jaws in the middle of the holder.

The dual action spring-loaded vice clamp acts as a centering vise. The EM-Tec VS26 spring-loaded vise has been designed to operate with one hand and loading the sample with the other hand. For awkwardly shaped samples, 4 dowel pins can be inserted in the vise jaws and the sample can be clamped between the 4 dowel pins. If the pins are not needed, remove them from the jaws.
For samples which are thinner than 1mm, an alternative vise type holder with a screw should be considered. The spring tension is weaker when the jaws are (nearly) closed. For delicate samples, consider lining the jaws with conductive soft material.


Maximum clamping capacity between vise jaws: 26mm
Maximum clamping capacity between dowel pins: : 34mm diameter
Dimensions (w/o push rod, dowels, pin):  50 x 25 x 12mm
SEM stage compatibility   - standard pin:  #12-000222
                                              - EM-Tec stage adapters M4      
                                              - Hitachi M4  #12-000322 
Material for vise and vise jaws: Vacuum grade aluminium
Materials for guide rods and push rods:   

Precision ground anti-magnetic stainless steel   

Material for springs: Low magnetic spring grade stainless steel
Material for dowel pins: Precision ground anti-magnetic stainless steel


The EM-Tec VS26 dual action spring-loaded vise clamp is maintenance free. Do not use oil or grease on the guide rods or the push rods; this will cause contamination in the SEM. Do not allow debris to enter the holes for the guide rods of the sliding vise jaws.

TSB 12-000222 EM-Tec VS26 compact dual action spring-loaded SEM sample vise Revision 1

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